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Product Series
        Guangzhou HuaChen electronics co., LTD., located in guangzhou panyu traffic developed, adjacent to the yuncheng. Is a set design, development, manufacturing, sales and service into a comprehensive industrial company, the existing staff of more than 120 people, technical personnel 20 people, among them 500 million years production of electrolytic capacitor. After years of arduous pioneering and development, HuaChen gradually become influential in south China aluminum electrolytic capacitor is one of the professional production enterprises, customers in all parts of the country and Tai.【View details
How to choose the home audio

How to choose the home audio Home hifi stereo points and AV two kinds, if you like to listen to pure music like symphony, singing,.

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Company: guangzhou HuaChen electronics co., LTD. (020) 8463-8576/8676 fax: (020) 8463-020

Address: guangzhou panyu stone town 20 IQ of songshan road, wei industrial park building

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